Metatron's Codex

Author's Note

Each song from "The Murder Of Jesus The Jew" is explained in detail below to enable any one who gives a shit to unravel the meaning and content from where a greater understanding to this albums concept will arise.

Any questions will be answered [even the piss taking ones]

We can all have our own perspective of the life and times of Jesus [Yeshua] and this can be from a believer or non-believers point of view. I have studied the life and times of this Galilean healer and separated fact from fiction, truth from fabrication. This is of course my opinion and my version of the very real story of a man made God by they who never even knew him.

As part of a Black metal based band the blaspheming against the Christian movement and rejoicing of all things Satanic are all part and parcel of the theatre of the genre. Some bands take it more seriously than others. The story of Jesus is therefore the most important part of this whole Black Metal puzzle. Without him the Christian movement would not exist and Satan would still be a little known word in the Hebrew language. This figure so obscured in the dust of time is probably the most famous human being of them all and he is to blame [although he would never have known it] for the evolution of half the worlds cultures.