April 2014 Update

Thursday 10th of April 2014

New material for the new Meads album is now under way, expect info on the album in the coming months & an estimated early 2015 release.

New cd re-issues of the following are now available via US label Razed Soul Productions www.razedsoul.com

All re-issues come with new artwork.

The Meads of Asphodel - Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua' cd
with bonus tracks
Book of Dreams (from original limited version of release)
My Black Philosophy [original 80 grains of sand demo]
God to Rome (2011 Re-make)

The Meads of Asphodel - 'Damascus Steel' cd
with bonus tracks

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Huw Lloyd Langton (6 February 1951 - 6 December 2012)

Sunday 9th of December 2012

It is with deep sorrow we mourn the loss of a great guitarist and all round nice gentleman, Huw Lloyd Langton. The band are truly saddened by his death on 6th December 2012 after a long battle with Cancer.

Huw played on the following Meads albums,

The Excommunication of Christ....Assault and Battery - (Hawkwind cover)

Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua....Utopia -(Hawkwind cover)

The Mill Hill Sessions.....My Beautiful Genocide - (live jam)

Damascus Steel....Sword of the East - (Hawkwind cover)

We pass on our condolences to his wife and family.

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News Update

Sunday 1st of April 2012

First off we announce the departure of our long standing drummer Urakbarameel. After nine years of dedication to the band we would like to thank him for his all his hard work & wish him the best for the future, he can now be found beating the skins for London based rock/metal band Daken. To check out their sounds please visit www.daken.com

As we say goodbye to one drummer we welcome another in the form of Norse stick assassin André Kjelbergvik Thung, who can also be found performing in J.D. Tait’s other bands Ebonillumini & The Higher Craft as well as Norwegian band Dozärne.

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Metatron Starts Work On New Album

Monday 3rd of October 2011

“Metatron is to go to krakow/ Poland in November to research Auschwitz
for for the new Meads of Asphodel album that will be titled,
Sonderkommando. The concept behind the release is to see the holocaust
from the eyes of the Jewish Sonderkommando [these were the unfortunate
workers who removed the corpses from the gas chambers, and after
removing teeth/hair and valuables, cremated them]. It is their story
that is born from literally from Hell on earth. From their words the
album will lament on the burning death pits, Block 11, the crematoriums,

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The Higher Craft - 'The Quest Into The SteppingstoneAge' now available!

Saturday 16th of July 2011

The Higher Craft a band featuring THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL songwriter/guitarist J.D. Tait & his partner in crime vocalist Christina Poupoutsi from avant-garde black metal band EBONILUMINI are set to release an epic concept album of progressive psychedelic rock/metal or as called by some, hippie metal. The concept for album is based upon a scripted multi-media stage play written by Christina over twenty years ago.

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The Swines of Hell: 5 bands, 5 exclusive tracks, 5 hymns from Hell.

Sunday 24th of April 2011

Coming in July 2011 from Godreah Records

Dirty Black Heavy Metal is what this release is all about. In this age of cheap repackaging and internet piracy, Godreah Records keeps the flame of the underground alive with the collaboration of 5 bands that have a long history with the underground and beyond. This is METAL at its most diverse, most rotten and born from the embers of Hell.


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Codex - Questions and Answers

Sunday 6th of February 2011

Some questions posed to Metatron about the codex have been posted with Metatron's replies. We hope they help people understand the codex better. Click here to read them.

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Metal Storm Awards

Sunday 6th of February 2011

We're pleased to say that The Murder of Jesus the Jew has been nominated for the "Best black metal album" award on metalstorm.net.

To see the other nominations, go to http://www.metalstorm.net/awards/categories.php?cat_id=2

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New "High in Heaven, Stoned in Hell" t-shirt available

Friday 10th of December 2010

A new t-shirt featuring artwork from "The Murder Of Jesus The Jew" is available to pre-order now.
Check out the shop page for more information.

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Life In The Shadows online now

Monday 29th of November 2010

The 35 minute documentary filmed by Phil Knock and Louise Vella over the past 3 years is now online.

Watch it here.

We hope you enjoy this insight into the band. It has interviews with the band, studio footage, rehearsal footage and interviews with Mirai, Malcolm Dome and Jonathan Selzer.

Our thanks to Phil Knock and Louise Vella for making this and for all who took part.

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